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"You sell smiles, Gabriele -- I'm thrilled
to have many of them!"

- Steven H 

ABOUT artYful


It has been 8 years since we sold our first Suncatcher.


We started to introduce the Suncatchers at Street Fairs, Art Shows, Home & Garden Shows, Renaissance Faire and from our house in Forest Grove, PA.

We love to welcome new and returning customers, listen to their stories and see the excitement when they pick out their Suncatchers, sometimes building their own installations in our yard before taking them home or getting them as gifts.

For the last 8 years, we would like to send out a big THANK YOU to everybody who has purchased our Suncatcher products from us.

We appreciate all of your business, especially during these difficult times. 


With appreciation and love,


Gabriele, Chris and Aza (THE TEAM)

Suncatchers / Cazador-del-sol from artYful. 

…nourishing harmony & bringing sunshine
into your life.


Absolutely eco-friendly and energy-saving. Without electricity or other energy sources, the fluorescent Cazador-del-sol Suncatchers transform light energy and glow all by themselves. Especially on a rainy, gray day or at dusk the Suncatcher glow is most intense, turning invisible light into visible light.

Mounted on a flexible rod the Cazador-del-sol Suncatcher reacts sensitively to the most gentle breeze and sways softly in the wind. The interplay of warm light and gentle motion creates a feeling of peace and harmony.

This simplistic design of the Suncatcher fits easy into any environment. Alone, as an eye catcher or exposed in a group, the Suncatchers are ideal to bring a smile to your face wherever they are.

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