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The excitement and joy of your Sun Catchers are
never ending! The magic they bring to our gardens bring smiles to our faces every day!

- Howard & Debbie


Smiles and Sunshine -- Regardless of the Weather!

From all of us at artYful design objects, have a happy & safe July 4th holiday weekend! And contact us if you would like to enhance your celebration with any of our wonderful products!

Shop calmly in the comfort of Nancy Wexler Taylor's home.

(Cash, Check,Venmo, credit cards accepted)

Portion of sales to benefit the Bucks County Opportunity Council

The featured artists:

SUSAN ROSEMAN -Artie Art Greeting cards Paper ephemera Tea towels, wine totes and pillows. IG artieartcards FB: Artie Art

REBECCA KELLY Embroidered Vessels and Hearts : vintage fabric and natural dyed silk are embellished with hand stitching. IG: rebecca18kelly FB: Rebecca Kelly Twitter @bubbesbooks

CATHY SPATZ - Playhouse Threads Handwoven bamboo scarves, cotton towels,wool shawls. FB: Playhouse Threads IG: springsong22

GABRIELA SANTARELLA artYful design objects Art for the Garden/Patio: Lucite discs with a glowing edge mounted on swinging rods; stone vases & other items made out of stone FB: artYful IG: artyfuldesignobjects

NANCY WEXLER TAYLOR Pilfered,Pressed & framed flowers Broken dish mosaics Mixed media jewelry FB: Nancy Wexler Taylor-Arts IG: nancywexlertaylorarts

OGDEN KRUGER Mixed media, painting, collage art, inks, acrylics and whatever I can get my hands on. All of my work comes blessed with positive intentions, sometimes visible and sometimes not! Tarot card readings www. IG odgenkruger

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