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“As long as Autumn lasts, I shall not have hands, canvas and colors enough to paint the beautiful things I see."

- Vincent Van Gogh

Each season has its own beauty and uniqueness.

This time of the year, the trees are in the middle of changing their colors from a luscious, saturated green to a bright yellow, a rich orange or intense red. Eventually, they shrivel up, fall to the ground and become brown and dry.

It’s autumn and nature is prepping to get into hibernation for the wintertime.

artYful has captured the colors of the autumn:

Green – Yellow – Orange – Red

The assortment includes Suncatcher Uno, Uno Medio, Lucy, Lucy Medio, Sunbouquet Nea and Lotta to extend this gorgeous and colorful season in your garden.

Every day when you walk or have a look into your garden, porch, walkway etc., you are welcomed with bright and glowing colors which function as mood enhancers for the winter season when all is gray.

You can order our Suncatcher’s via, or if you want to come and see them in person, please call us in advance at 267.454.4756 to make an appointment.

Our address is 3805 Lower Mountain Road, Forest Grove, PA 18922

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