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Beautiful Backgrounds

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Just about everyone knows that Suncatchers make a great addition to your garden as they are colorful, glowing and mood enhancing throughout the entire year. But there is so much more Suncatcher’s are great for! One of our most popular photos features a Bluebird resting on a Suncatcher as it waits for the feeder to be free (photo credit to my husband!) Howard McCoy, a client who has lots of Suncatchers in his garden, recently started a new Facebook page called Backyard Birders of South Eastern PA (SEPA). He asked me to join his group and I sent him a few pictures I took with a Red Headed Woodpecker, Bluebirds, etc.. I did not realize that in the background was a Suncatcher. When Howard saw the pictures, the Suncatcher in the background inspired him and he strategically placed an entire installation behind his bird feeders.

Equipped with his camera, he went on a “hunt” to take pictures of his backyard birds. These are some of his beautiful pictures. The little colorful patches in the background are his installation of Suncatchers he enjoys and uses to enhance his photos!

Check out his Facebook page and if you have great pictures of your backyard birds, I am sure he would love to share your pic’s on his page: Backyard Birders of South Eastern PA (SEPA) We love when our customers get creative. We encourage you to share any of your Suncatcher photos or installations so we can feature them on our website and social media. Spring is our favorite time of the year and we are getting our garden ready. Like all of you, we look forward to welcoming the dramatic burst of flowers and colors. Enjoy your week and we look forward to hearing from you!


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