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TRANSFORMATION; from Suncatcher to Snowcatcher.

Being from Germany and growing up with heavy winters and lots of snow, I embrace living here in the States.

19 years ago, I escaped the cold and gray season in Europe. I was a skier, tried snowboarding, enjoyed hiking up the mountains in the winter and sledding down as well. The typical winter has beauty, but the days are short with longer periods of darkness. They are also primarily cold and gray -- without the wonderful garden colors that I truly enjoy.

Given my love of color throughout the seasons, I found that the Suncatchers were just perfect. I quickly discovered that they are a wonderful addition to your garden -- regardless of the season. However, to me, they have even more importance during the winter months as they become “therapeutical” and mood enhancing.

To go outside and see the Suncatcher's beautiful, bright, color during the normally gray winter months helped me to “cut those winter months short”. Suncatchers are “uplifting” and, like one of my clients says so well, “…they bring a smile to your face".

Today, I wake up to snow and sunshine. All is powdered and covered in a fluffy, white blanket of powder and it looks beautiful! And my Suncatchers have transformed into Snowcatchers. They each now carry a little white hat of snow and underneath, they display a glowing, bright, colorful rim.

It is such a peaceful and quiet scene outside. Some of my Suncatchers are bending down because of the heavy load of snow. With the help of the sun, the snowy hats will soon melt and the Suncatchers will straighten themselves showing an abundance of color again in the garden.

A tip to everyone who likes to shorten the bridge of these winter months to spring, don’t wait for the warmer weather to display your Suncatchers! The winter season is the ideal time to enjoy them and to experience their uplifting glow.

You will not regret it. Just watch for the magic that they bring combined with big smiles from all who see them!

Our website has our latest Suncatchers at!

- Gabriele

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