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The excitement and joy of your Sun Catchers are
never ending! The magic they bring to our gardens bring smiles to our faces every day!

- Howard & Debbie


A sincere thank you to everyone who supported our recent Holiday Open House! The combination of Artisans, clients and our wonderful community made it very special. Thanks to your generosity, we were also able to make a wonderful donation to Fisherman's Mark as well. Thank you again and please continue your support of the Artisan community and Small Businesses this Holiday Season!!

Please join us for our Holiday Open House on December 4th & 5th in Forest Grove, PA, when we celebrate the Holidays, feature new Suncatcher designs and new work from many leading area Artisans as well!

Some of our featured Artisans at this wonderful event:

Gabriele Santarella artYful design objects ​ Debbie Martin Designs Printed scarves ​ Diana Contine - Dakota Moon Silver Jewelry ​ Loretta Shigo Printed natural cards ​ Susan Roseman Giftcards, gifts, paper, party goods ​ Bernard C. Hohlfeld Turning art wooden bowls, boxes etc. Susan Murphy Artist

Teri Nalbone Old line - torn, dyed, cut & stitched - Folk Art ​ Shary Koenig Aartist, painter, ceramics, masks (she will bring smaller items to sell, mostly clay art) ​ Jill & Dan Burstein New Hope Stained Glass Smaller pieces of stained glass items, hearts, stained glass garden panels etc. Kate O’Hara Wreath, bouquets, etc.) RiverGirl Gardens ​ Chris Santarella Quixotic Living midcentury vintage items for sale ​ Sandie Huerkins SandieSo Handmade ​ Darlene Ubel Nature Craftsman

Light refreshments will be served. For the health and safety of attendees, please wear a mask. Cash/Checks will only be accepted by Artisans.

Please RSVP at or 267.454.4756!

After receiving many requests for blue stars, we are happy to let you know that our blue inventory has arrived! We have limited quantities of the blue 3D Estrella (big & small), Starbouquet & Star Medio Suncatchers!

To order your kit or for additional information, please contact us at 267-454-4756!

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