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🌞 Cazador del sol - Catcher of the Sun 🌞

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Courtesy of a Client- cognoscere

While driving to Easton Pennsylvania last weekend, I came up to a stop sign and these brightly colored glowing objects caught my eye. So I made a right-hand turn and pulled over at the beautiful house where I saw them and got out to take a closer look.

They were variously shaped and colored translucent discs that were mounted on thin, gray, flexible rods that allowed them to bend in the wind. They were obviously pieces of art made to mimic flowers and to serve as both indoor and outdoor decorations.

Some were circular, some had wavy bends, and others were shaped like vintage 1960s hippie flowers.

We soon learned that there are also many other custom configurations available.

So my story goes like this:

I walked up to the front gate of the white picket fence to get a better view, and also with the aim of snapping a bunch of photos.

My wife noticed that there was a chalk board affixed to the house near the front door and also a holder with literature of some sort.

The chalk board read as follows:

"Hi, If you like to know more about the suncatchers, pls pick a post or business card, call me 267,454,4756 or check out my"

So I bravely unlatched the front gate, went up the walkway and took a business card and a postcard containing a picture of some of the suncatchers. I then proceeded to photograph the many suncatchers that were on display throughout the beautifully landscaped yard.

It wasn't until I was leaving and had my back turned to the front of the house that I heard a woman's voice saying "hello!"

My heart rate suddenly stepped up a bit, as I thought that I was about to be scolded for entering the property uninvited, even though my earlier rationale was that the chalk board message had granted me silent and assumed permission to checkout these interesting suncatchers.

Quite the contrary. Gabriele and her husband own this lovely Victorian-style house and are also the proprietors of the business where they serve as a dealer for the Cazador-del-sol suncatcher product line.

Gabriele greeted us with a friendly smile and insisted that we come back through the gate and chat with her. She explained that she and her husband had just driven back home from Nashville and, thus, she had gotten very little sleep that past night and didn't see us wandering around outside.

And with the candor and kindness of someone you might have known all your life, she invited us inside her home to look at a number of other suncatcher variations and also to explain how they are manufactured in Germany by a small design team.

Gabriele provided us with some details about the suncatchers, like how they are mounted on hollow, light-weight fiberglass rods that allow the suncatchers to bend easily in the wind, rain, and snow. She said that one of her customers who suffers from seasonal depression finds great comfort in the bright glow that the suncatchers provide, even on gloomy and overcast days.

The suncatchers can stay outside year-round and she mentioned how cool they look when bent over and covered with snow, as can be seen in this image from the many images on the gallery link on the website.

Another interesting feature is the way they cast a colored shadow on the ground.

My wife is definitely interested in picking up a few of these suncatchers for the garden!

"The Cazador-del-sol – an art object hovering between the visible and the invisible" Cazador-del-sol light installations are projects of P. René Hildebrand and varying creative teams.

They are "lively" installations in various respects. The yellow light of the art object is generated by conversion of invisible light waves into visible light waves. The glowing discs of its elements, which are fixed on long, slender rods, move gently in the wind bringing the installation to life. So it is little wonder that especially children like to compare the Cazadores to real sunflowers. And that is where the secret of the sunfields lies. Modern materials like plexiglass and GRP rods are used to create abstract plant-like art objects, which are inspired by nature and enriching it.

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