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Thank you all for coming to our "artYful Holiday Open House Event" last weekend!

Dear Suncatcher Friends,

Thank you all for coming to our "artYful Holiday Open House Event" last weekend!

We had such a great event and enjoyed seeing many of our clients who have become friends within all the years. Surprisingly we even met new clients during the event.

Thank you to Olivia, one of my colleagues from Anthropologie in Newtown. She surprised me on Saturday morning with a beautiful and delicious Pretzel board for our Anniversary of 10 years from her family's business the "SALT BOX" in Plumsteadville.

What a success, everybody loved it so much that for the next day we ordered a tray of breakfast & lunch stuffed Pretzel sandwiches instead of preparing all the food we bought for the event...

We recommend the "SALT BOX" warmly to everybody. As a German who grew up in Bavaria with the best Bretzl's, the "SALT BOX" is an amazing place who does beautiful arrangements for events. They have an amazing and wide variety of breakfast & lunch sandwiches, specialty Pretzel items, ice cream etc.

Check them out. Especially now for your Holiday Party.

To everybody who came or pre-ordered Suncatcher's and picked them up,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, your support always means a lot to us.

Happy Holidays and in case you still need gifts, don't forget we still have Suncatcher's left. Some color options are sold out but we are certain you will find a nice Suncatcher combination for you.

With love,

Gabriele, Chris & Aza

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